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An item that can appear in the shop room or in a Curse Room.
Unlock: Unlock this item by beating Krampus (Krampus is unlocked by taking 20 devil deal items).From Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki.Type: Passive Item bonukset tuplana 2017 Pool: Item Room The Small Rock ItemID: 90 "DMG up".0 Damage.Type: Passive, Familiar Item Pool: Item Room Spider Bite ItemID: 89 "Slow effect" Tears now have a chance of slowing enemies and their projectiles for.5 seconds.The Leech deals.5 contact damage per tick.Does not decrease your movement speed stat at all however the ball has to be dragged around causing karl popper wittgenstein poker Isaac to slow down slightly when the chain is fully extended.The range of the boomerang is affected by range, with number one the distance is very short and makes the item a lot less effective.Type: Passive Item Pool: Item Room, Beggar Doctor's Remote ItemID: 47 "Reusable air strike" A target is placed on the floor which can be controlled.Crushed rocks and poop can fill holes if you walk in their direction.Isaac's tears have a 15 chance of causing a fear effect.Maximum potential damage is 462 (20-21 ticks of 22 damage if the laser makes contact the whole duration) Laser damage does not scale with your damage stat.Unlock: Unlock this item by beating the Isaac boss with Eden.Affects the speed of all other orbitals, slowing them down a lot (note: This effect does not happen until you get a new orbital after Big Fan).Missiles damage damage *.Does not work on mini-bosses and bosses.Type: Passive Item Pool: Item Room, Secret Room Anemic ItemID: 214 "Toxic blood" 5 Range.Soy Milk) can lead to interesting synergies.

When you take damage, 1 or 2 coins will drop on the floor.
Type: Passive, Familiar Item Pool: Devil Room Abel ItemID: 188 "Mirrored buddy" A familiar that mirrors the player's movements and shoots tears directly at Isaac.
Unlock: Unlock this item by using 4 Death Cards.