Civ 5 theming bonus

civ 5 theming bonus

3 for having all three slots be Great Works of Art from different eras and civilizations.
3 for having all three be from the same era and civilization.
Quintessentially speaking, it is the very definition of a "themable building".
2 for having two Great Works of Art and Two Artifacts, all four from different eras and civilizations.Checking your theming bonus, edit, go to the Culture Overview screen, open the tab "Your Culture".French unique ability "City of Light" doubles the theming bonus in their.In buildings and wonders that have more than one slot for a Great Work (e.g., any Museum, the Great Library, the Louvre, etc.) you will see a 0 next to the Great Works in that building.To see the requirements you'll need to meet for any building that has more than one slot, hover over the large number to the right of the slots; that number is your current theming bonus, and hovering over it should bring up a tooltip with.You can see all your theming bonuses from the new Culture Overview screen, in the "Your Culture" page which lists all your Great Works and their locations.A quick browse through the Civilopedia lists the following as having more than one slot: Museums have two Art slots.Globe Theatre 2 Fill the slots with Great Works of Writing from the same civilization and the same era.You can also save Great People for an immediate theming bonus when you complete a late game wonder, because the Great Work era is determined by the era when it was created, not when the Great Person was generated.Unlocking and adopting all 5 Social Policies in the Aesthetics tree also effectively doubles the theming bonus of each Museum and Wonder in every city in your empire.Oxford University has two Writing slots.This effect is of vital importance for making the most of theming.Theming bonus, theming requirements, great Library 2, fill the slots with Great Works of Writing from different civilizations and different eras.It is more efficient to house all the Guilds in one city because most of the Wonders that increase Great Person generation only have city-based bonuses.Example of the theming bonus from Great Library.Sydney Opera House has two Music frank casino ft riky rick slots.Sydney Opera House 2 Fill the slots with Great Works of Music from the same civilization and different eras.World Wonders and, museums.2 for having music from two eras, but the same civilization.

Works with either Great Works of Art, or Artifacts, but not one of each.
Louvre 4 Fill the slots with 2 Great Works of Art and 2 Artifacts from different civilizations and different eras.
Hermitage has three Art slots.