Civ 6 see adjacency bonus

Map Rotation There is a feature (demonstrated at Gamescom) that allows free rotation of the map.
"International Space Agency" policy now grants 5 Science, down from.
It appears as a Volcano and provides 1 Production to adjacent casino verbier tiles.
50 Production for Giant Death Robots.Ally of Enkidu (Gilgamesh Likes civilizations who are willing to form a long-term alliance.City Planning, cities are now "unstacked" and sprawl across the entire city radius.The appearance of the GDR changes with each upgrade.As the global temperature from greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere, wheel of fortune progressive jackpot winner the chance that a storm will occur increases.Satrapia (Persia 1 Trade Route with Political Philosophy, and bonuses to internal Trade Routes.The Qhapaq Ñan (or "beautiful road is not a tunnel, but instead a system of mountain pathways that performs the same function.One chief difference is that the Trader will create a road as it travels along its route.Tlatoani (Montezuma Likes civilizations who have the same Luxury resources as he does, and will try to collect every Luxury resource available.Water Works : 2 Housing for every Neighborhood and Aqueduct district in this city.Railroad Requires: Steam Notes: Railroads can be built bogato casino by Military Engineers.2 Food if adjacent to an Aqueduct.2 Appeal." Notes: Unique improvement for Canada.The more expensive the technology, the longer the agreement will take.Gold (highest score 3 light years per turn for the Explanetary Expedition Silver (top 25 50 Diplomatic Favor, 40 Production for Space Race projects Bronze (next 25 20 Production for Space Race projects No Rewards for no score or bottom 50 of scores Nobel Peace.Huszár Move: 5; Combat Strength: 65 Requires: Military Science Notes: Unique unit for Hungary; replaces Cavalry.University of Sankore Requires: Education; Must be built on Desert or Desert Hills, adjacent to a Campus district with a University.
Japan is immune to hurricane damage, and enemies take 100 damage from hurricanes.

There are three levels of severity.
Allows city to purchase districts with Faith.
There are now shadows from unseen clouds moving across the map.