How to analyse your poker hands

And I think he has that, so I fold, whereby they dont account for all possibilities of various poker hand holdings into account.
Then, relating this to the strength of your hand relative to your opponents range the strength of your hand in relation to all the hands in your entire range the bet sizing your opponent used you can work out a strategy to successfully counteract many.
The Importance of Post-Game Analysis : Putting in study and review time away from the table is going to be one of the most significant factors of boosting your win rate when at the table.
A commonly agreed upon number of poker hands that should be opened from the Lojack position (UTG in a 6max golden nugget hotel & casino biloxi ms game) is somewhere around 15 of possible starting hands.Post-Flop Poker Range: Flop/Turn/River Post-flop analysis regarding poker ranges is where the real fun begins!The greatest players also think about their own hand ranges and how they should progress with all the hands in their range on post-flop betting rounds to maintain a balanced approach and/or play ideally.Is my opponent a solid casinon hanko reg who combines the appropriate number of value hands to bluffs in his range?How to range your opponents street-by-street during a poker hand.When NOT TO USE MDF: Defending against flop/turn cbets out of position.Youre not going to be able to realise your full equity from out of position, and youre also going to have a range disadvantage most of the time against the preflop raiser by having just flatted preflop.As youll soon see, especially in the post-flop section, merely applying some sort of range to your opponents and thus making maths-based decisions from these ranges will give a lot more clarity, precision, and profitability to your poker playing.If you play live where raises may be a bit larger than those typically found online, against a 5x raise, youd be getting odds.625:1, where youd need 38 equity to call.It will also tell you exactly how you should adjust your base range to include or exclude specific hands from their starting ranges, so you can have more accurate post-flop range analysis.What Equity Do You Need to Call.In today's Ask Alec episode I shared some poker tips about how to analyze your poker hands.Ratio OF bluffs TO value hands: Your bet size of time you must win You must win 1 out of X times to breakeven Unexploitable bluff : value ratio OR the fold : call ratio of villain to have a breakeven bluff 2x pot.And see example for all poker hands, like Full house, Flush, Straight, Royal Flush, and more!

Against good players, the most common differential in betting patterns that youll have to determine is in relation to bet sizing (as they have more meaning and purpose in them as elaborated upon below).
Unsuited Hands are represented in the lower-left half of the diagram (dark-blue).